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Graduate Recruitment Bristol
Graduate Recruitment Bristol   Bristol Graduate Recruitment   Bristol Graduate Recruitment Service  
Graduate Recruitment Bristol

Accountancy IT Finance
Banking Retail Public Sector
Graduates Recruitment Bristol
Bristol Graduates Recruitment BRISTOL
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Graduates Recruitment Bristol
Bristol Graduate Recruitment Bristol Graduate Recruitment Bristol Graduate Recruitment
Graduate Recruitment Bristol Bristol Recruitment Agencies Graduate Recruitment Bristol
Graduates Recruitment Bristol
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Graduates Recruitment Bristol
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Graduate Recruitment Bristol
1. Accounting 5. Education 9. Retail
2. Banking 6. Public Sector 10. Lawyer
3. Catering 7. Engineering    
4. Consultancy 8. Solicitor    
Bristol Graduate Recruitment
Graduates Recruitment Bristol The city is famous for it's music and film industries.
Graduates Recruitment Bristol The cities principal theatre company, The Bristol Old Vic was founded in 1946.
Graduate Jobs Bristol




I'm someone who loved school; the subjects I chose at A Level increased my interest in the lives and cultures of other people. This made me a well-rounded and open minded person. With a heavy work load, I learned to work very efficiently and manage my time well. I also loved the opportunity to work with new groups of people and looked forward to seeing who would be around during the study periods. I have a social and outgoing personality and thrive in a team environment.

I have a fairly methodical mind-set and am organized, self-motivating, and love to work with other people. The busier I am, the happier I feel, and I'd love to be able to share my smile with workers and customers alike. If you'd like a team member who listens carefully to instructions and works as hard as possible but also brings a warm and friendly smile to the workplace- this is a profile you'll be glad you read.

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